Apéndice C. Public invitation to audit SIVeL

Thanks to God we are able to offer EU$100 ($300.000 colombian pesos) for each vulnerability found and fixed in SIVeL 1.0.5 (we thank EU$50 --$150.000-- offered by wiroal@riseup.net since 6.May.2010).

If you belong to an organization that documents infractions to Humanitarian international Law or Human Rights Violations with SIVeL, we invite you to donate for this public invitation, in order to increase the reward offered.

If you are developer or interested in information security we invite you to look for bugs in the security of SIVeL, by experimenting on the test installation; by doing your own installation, following the recommendations for the operation environment (see Capítulo 5, Instalación y Actualización), or by auditing the PHP sources in the public domain.

To report a vulnerability please have in mind:

We thank your interest in this public call, its most recent version is available at: http://sivel.sf.net/1.0/call.html. We invite you to distribute it without changes.